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Mytilene Fine EPIRROES

For Mytilene Fine EPPIROES, the start of this remarkable collection can be traced back to the summer of 2018 when Elsa explored the island. Her love for capturing intricate details through photography led her to become captivated by the charming balconies adorning Mytilene’s magnificent mansions. These small architectural features sparked her creative spirit, laying the groundwork for a new artistic endeavor.
To create something truly extraordinary, the collection required the use of the purest and most exquisite materials that symbolize the luxury and elegance that Mytilene represents. From 18K gold to the finest diamonds carefully selected and set to ensure that each piece shines with unmatched brilliance and allure.

Additionally, to convey the message of the EPPIROES concept, materials in different colors, representing the flags of various nations, were incorporated, highlighting the multicultural influences that have shaped Mytilene.

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